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Sustainability & Epyré Muses

Our first Epyré Muse is Annalena Amthor who is one of the new trending faces of the Berlin art scene and curator with a focus on environmental art.

Silja, Founder of Epyré Paris: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Annalena Amthor: I’m a curator with a focus on environmental art.
Silja: Through your career you decided to work for institutions or artists who support a better cause, like Valeria Napoleone supporting women in art or Julian Charrière, one of the best known environmental artists of today or now with Berlin Masters supporting young artists, why did you choose this path?
Annalena: One of the most pressing topics of our time is the negative human impact on Earth's geology and ecosystems, the most known one being climate change. That’s why I specialize in environmental art, especially the merging point of art and science. In my practice I create immersive experiences to reach the audience not only on a cognitive level but also an emotive one in the hope that it will catalyze change.
Silja: Do you see a social shift within the art industry to support environmental and sustainable actions?
Annalena: There is definitely a lot of awareness and many great artists are trying to communicate these messages in their own unique and powerful way. However, even though some institutions have started to actually act and not just communicate, there is still a lot that needs to be done.
Silja: How important is sustainability / environmental awareness in your private life?
Annalena: It is very important to me and I try to only buy sustainable product, avoid flights, take the bike everywhere possible etc. and keep talking about it. But I often see how limited the impact of one individual is and hope that big changes will come more and more from the big players and will be manifested further in politics.
Silja: Does it also apply to your way of consumption in fashion and if how?
Annalena: Yes, I shop quite little and when I do, I try to avoid shopping at big brands unless they have a sustainable philosophy and transparency to back it up. Other than that, I am a fan of hunting for treasures in vintage shops.
Silja: What are your wishes for the future?
Annalena: That the goals of the Paris Agreement will be achieved, rather sooner than the official dates and that every country in the world realizes that this is a global issue and that the mainly economic reasons that stand in the way of moving forward with this, are definitely not worth it.
Silja: Do you have any recommendations of artists or exhibitions, books to follow up on?
Annalena: Sure, I actually have too many and also would love to see more female artists here in my top list but the once I name are just too good to not share with you guys.
All Exhibitions at Ocean Space - TBA21-Academy.

Especially Joan Jonas’ exhibition „Moving Off the Land II “

Thomas Saracena: Carte Blanche, Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo

Artists: Andreas Greiner, Cooking Sections, Claudia Compte‘s installation at Alligator Head Foundation, Armin Linke, Agnes Denes, Olafur Eliasson, Julian Charrière, and so many more.

Books: all the latest by Timothy Morten, Tidalectics, Decolonizing Nature

Silja: Thank you Anna for your time and insights. We love seeing you being part of our Epyré Paris Community for a better future and more enriching discussions that lead into actions.
Epyré Muses & Sustainability in Art


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